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page 264 VIRGINIA
17th page
around 2000?
pathogens, Clayborne Taylor, Health Department, headaches, fatigue, stomach pains, nausea
page 265 VIRGINIA
18th page
around 2000 ?
Desiree Lopasic, Board of Supervisors, coughing, unable to breathe, choked, diarrhea, stomach flu-like thing, dog lethargic, allergies
page 266 VIRGINIA
19th page
around 2000 ?
Al Rubin, EPA, Anne Peterson, Desiree Lopasic, Bio Gro, Recyc Systems, trouble maker, 503 sludge rules, economical, Rappahannock ban, Shenandoah moratorium, horrible chills, soaking wet
page 267 VIRGINIA
20th page
around 2000 ?
pneumonia, VA State Supreme Court
page 268 VIRGINIA
21st page
around 2000 ?
VA State Supreme Court, Amelia County, VA, ban, Rappahannock, Lori Handshy, Flant Hill
page 269 VIRGINIA
22nd page
August 6, 2001
Washington Post, David Snyder, Fredrick Kunkle, Letcher, Prince George's County, NAS, EPA, biosolids, Mike Cook, no federal oversight, Ellen Z. Harrison, Cornell University Waste Management Institute
page 270 VIRGINIA
23rd page
August 6, 2001
VADH, Class A, class B sludge, Shayne Coonor, Greenland, NH, Tony Behun, Osceola Mills, PA, David Lewis, Sharon Hogan, Synagro, John H. Boldridge, Culpeper County, Martha W. Hynson, James Lear, Clarence Williams, Louisa County, Robert Hicks, biosolids, Amelia, Goochland, Rappahannock, sludge bans, VA Supreme Court, Alexandria Sanitation Authority, digesters, Glenn Harbey, Ron Letcher
page 271 2001 ?
24th page
Helane Shields, Doyne Shrader, David Swanson, difficulty breathing, mucus, very weak, burning in mouth and throat, stomach cramps, Culpeper, Waye Lenn, Joiner Micro Labs, Warrenton, fecal coliform test, DNA testing, JMU
page 272 VIRGINIA
May 5, 2000
25th page
James Burns, Shrader, Joiner Labs, MPN, Lenn farm, E. coli, Robyn Joiner, Suzanne Haldin-Coates, Bio Gro, Charles Shepherd, Leazer Drilling Co., Lenn, Pamela Gratton
page 273 VIRGINIA
26th page
Culpeper News, Lenn, Shrader, liner, Bio Gro, Ted Korth, Laurie Reynolds, EPA, Bill Chase, Culpeper, Pamela Gratton, Citizens Against Pollution, Gary Schaefer, DOT, Handshy, Stevensburg, National Sludge Alliance, Pat Lake, People Against Toxic Sludge, MPN, Lopasic, Environmental Systems Services
page 274 VIRGINIA
27th page
April 13, 2000
Lake, Joiner, Settle, Brandy Station, intestinal virus, death of Great Dane, pink, scaly struff, Beauregard Farm, Bowen, Diane Reno, asthma, allergies, sludge odor, David Swanson, CUlpeper, EPA, class B sludge, CDC, Jimmy Lee, Carolyn Smith, John Coates
page 275 VIRGINIA
28th page
April 13, 2000
John Egertson, Andrew McRoberts, BioGro, Recyc, Coates, Lori Handshy, Culpeper County, Fauquier, Beverly Pullen, Desiree Lopasic, Holly Meade, Charles Shepherd, Linda Martin, Orange County, setbacks, buffers, Michael Yancey, Grover Wilson
page 276 VIRGINIA
29th page
April 13, 2000
Wilson, Orange, Martin, tipping fee, Rush Township, PA, EPA, Inspector General, airborne material, Henry Staudinger, Shenandoah, Dony Shrader, Stevensburg, Scott Handshy, Culpeper County
page 277 VIRGINIA
30th page
April 7, 2000
Doyne E. Shrader, Culpeper, VA, VADH, fecal coliform, Bio Gro, Jim Burns, biosolids, cyst in throat
page 278 VIRGINIA
31st page
April 7, 2000
cyst, chest infection, skin rash, breathing problems, gastrointestinal distress, Dr. Sompali, VA Medical Center, Martinsburg, WV, Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Doyne E. Shrader
page 279 VIRGINIA
32nd page
August, 2000
Culpeper, John Borgmeyer, Doyne Shrader, Mable Harlow, Bio Gro, sewage sludge, pathogens, EPA, Fauquier County, biosolids, Bill Chase, James Bowen, Recyc, Virgina Tech, EPA

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